What is the kingdom of God like and to what shall I compare it?

It is like a mustard seed which a person threw into his own garden and it grew and became a tree where the birds nested. 

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God Enters Your Story

Have you missed God working miracles in your life because he hasn't done what you expected? or even wanted? on your timescale? Be assured, he is an active and loving God.

The Highlights

I struggled with panic attacks and anxiety for years as my prayers for instant healing seemingly fell on deaf ears. God, in his wisdom and goodness, did heal me, but it wasn't the way I wanted. He healed me the way I needed to be healed.

Contemplative Practices

Did you inherit your faith and your beliefs? While it's a great place to start it may not help you weather the storms.  How can you make sure you are solidly planted and won't be tossed about by the winds of trials and different teachings? (Ephesians 4:14)

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Growing your Mustard Seed Faith

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