A few of my Books

Faith Marker Journey

This interactive book will help you remember God's involvement in your life in the past, become more aware of His moving in the present and help you share your faith in the future. God has instructed us to remember what he has done in our lives, so join us on this Faith Marker Journey!

If I Only Had . . .

 If I Only Had…is an answer-focused guide for women on their security journey. It is loaded with the author’s personal stories, “scarves of truth,” Biblical characters who have struggled with the same insecurity issues, and personal testimonies of Christians women whom God has provided victory over insecurity. 

Pearl of Promise

 God makes a pearl out of every trial or struggle in our lives just as pearls are formed by irritations and distress inside an oyster shell. This book is filled with devotions about victories over trials and is designed to help women find freedom in Christ.  

Faith Marker Journey: First Step

 Faith Marker Journey:First Step is a short guided journal designed to help you take the first step in remembering and recording your God adventures. Filled with thought provoking questions, this journal is the perfect way to begin tracking all the miracles in your life.  

Walking with God

Record your God moments one line at a time. This formatted journal is the perfect way to jot down what God is doing in your life. Record answered prayers, times of healing, miraculous moments, revelations, and watch your blessings multiply. 

Lemon & Ice & Everything Nice

Join Chelle and Ming as they have a classic lemonade stand without any idea of how much to charge for lemonade. This Hello Math Reader teaches kids about money and multiplication while reading a fun story.