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Contemplative Prayer


Is your prayer life you simply giving your laundry list to God? If you said yes it is time to experience the rest of what it means to communicate with God by delving into contemplative prayer. 

Theological Reflection


Was your faith and what you believe handed down to you?  Is it time to take a closer look at what you believe and wrestle with God? 

Hypnosis and Guided Meditation


God used hypnosis to help heal me from anxiety and depression. It helped me use my imagination to envision a different way of being. God created our imaginations so guided mediation is a great way to interact with God using the gift he gave us.



Who doesn't love a good story and a good story that can open your eyes is even better. (Coming soon.)

Deep Listening


Listening to God and listening to others is deeply connected. Do we assume we know what it's like to be another? The world is rich with people and their stories that will change your mind, squelch your judgement, and open your heart. (Coming soon)

Other Resources


Websites, recommended books, great podcasts.