Growing Your Faith

Do you doubt God?


 There is nothing wrong with doubting God. Uncertainty is part of the Christian walk, but doubt can grow if you get stuck there. 

My doubt was sometimes the result of specific expectations of God or impatience with how seemingly slow he brings healing or needed change. It has been my experience that God never works on my time table, or in the specific way I envisioned. This fact has, in the past, stopped me from seeing God at work. 

Being too busy also has stopped me from seeing God at work. When I am frantically busy sometimes I don't even notice the dogs need food, so why do I expect I will notice the soft whisper of God. 

Finally, my doubt grows when I don't take time to remember what God has done in the past. It is the same with any relationship we have. If we concentrate on the good, our love for our spouse or children grows. If we rehash their flaws we nurse the agitation. Remembering what God has done in the past shores up our faith because it is like remembering the amazing amount of good he has done in our lives!!

How do we Notice God?


When you read the Bible there are a whole lot of stories about God interacting with humans. Jonah, Elijah, Ester, Elizabeth: their prayers seemed personal and powerful. Does God still listen, speak, and stop the rain when a holy person prays? Let me assure you that he is listening to our prayers, he is speaking to us, and he is working in our lives and world.

Prayer is just a holier word for communicating with God. When I wasn't experiencing God a lot, I realized part of the problem was with how I was praying. Before I learned about contemplative prayer my prayers were simply a  honey-do-list for God. I was always yapping and not leaving any time for him to reply.  

Hearing from God is a bit different than talking to a friend, but it has, all the common elements. As in any communication it can be helped by simply getting good tools of communication, taking the time to actually do it, and opening your heart. As I said before, prayer is communicating with God. In that communication I include talking to, listening, and just being with. In any healthy friendship, sometimes you are the speaker, sometimes you are the listener, and sometimes you just want to hang out. When was the last time you just listened to God? or just enjoyed His presence. For most people the speaker comes easy, but the rest takes disciple. Contemplative prayer practices can help. 

Why should we Remember?


It has also been true in my life that what I actively remember has a huge effect on my life. If I am noticing the bad it takes me more quickly to doubt. If I am noticing the good, my faith builds. The problem was I often didn't notice, remember, and repeat these miracle stories both small and large. That is why I am dedicated to developing books and other products that will help you both pay attention to God and mark your faith because marking your faith has many advantages:   

  • Remembering our God stories reinforces our faith and love.  
  • Recollecting our faith stories make us more aware of God moving in our lives.
  • Reminiscing about our stories shapes the faith of our children and future generations.
  • Telling our stories gives others hope.
  • Revealing our stories introduces people to our real personal God.

Take the time to write down what he is doing, spend some quiet time with him,  and enjoy the blessings he brings into your life!