Guided Meditation

If you've experienced hypnosis and guided meditation before you will note how they often have similarities. Both use your imagination to take you on a journey. Hypnosis, because the purpose is to change your habitual ways of dealing with a situation, will try to get you in a more suggestive state before going on that journey so to have a greater effect. 

Guided meditations, while not as impactful individually, can over time have some of the same effect as hypnosis. Using your imagination to achieve a more peaceful state of being can teach you how to achieve that same peaceful state more and more easily over time. 



When we are stuck in any way of being and thinking it is hard to get out of it ourselves. That's how it was for me and panic attacks. The attacks made me miserable - with rapid heart beats, intense fear, and the feeling that I needed to get away - but getting over them seemed impossible. What I feared, airplane rides, grocery stories, being away from home - legitimately felt fearful. I know understand that part of the issue was that each time I was exposed to a stimuli my brain and body would react automatically in the same way. The brain gets use to patterns and habitual ways of reacting. (Neurons that fire together, wire together) This short cut is good for certain situation but bad when anyone has an anxiety problem. At the time, it seemed almost impossible to disassociate from the fearful feeling. 

Hypnosis helped me to take one step back and become aware that what I felt wasn't the truth of the situation. It helped me to not go immediately to panic each time I was faced with something that was previously fearful. God used hypnosis to plant a different seed and to allow my brain to begin to have a different reaction to stimulus that use to make me fearful.

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